American history

New for September at EDSITEment

This month, EDSITEment remembers 9/11, celebrates Constitute Day and National Hispanic Heritage Month, offers basic Spanish lessons, and examines the struggle of immigrant farm workers.

New for August at EDSITEment

This month, EDSITEment helps you get ready to go back to school, offers American Art Appreciation Month resources, celebrates the first commercial recording of country music, and recommends some history websites.

New for July at EDSITEment

It’s July, summer is in full swing, and EDSITEment celebrates American leisure as well as remembers the Battle of Bull Run on its 150th anniversary and looks at worlds of Shakespeare and Beatrix Potter.

New for June at EDSITEment

Summer is upon us! It’s a good time to catch up on your reading or do some traveling (even if it’s only a virtual roadtrip). This month, EDSITEment offers new and refreshed features and lessons as well as links to useful NEH-funded websites.

Forever Free in Ohio

period clothing from the Ohio State University Historic Textiles and Costumes on loan for the State Library of Ohio’s Forever Free exhibition

New for March at EDSITEment

March capers in like a lamb this year, along with a number of resources from the EDSITEment program at National Endowment for the Humanities. Visit EDSITEment for insights into a number of important historical moments and figures that will be featured this month. Join in our national celebration of women’s contributions to American and world history, honor Poet laureate Robert Frost on his March birthday, and turn to Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address for guidance through our own turbulent times.

New for February at EDSITEment

This month, join EDSITEment in celebrating the Chinese New Year, recognizing Black History Month, highlighting the twentieth-century Presidents, and exploring the Salem Witch Trials.

Talking About the Civil War and Emancipation

February 1861. Abraham Lincoln has been elected the sixteenth President of the United States. Seven states have seceded from the Union. Representatives from the seceding states gather in Montgomery, Alabama, where they frame and adopt a constitution for their new government. Jefferson Davis is elected President of the Confederacy. Within the next two months, Lincoln will be inaugurated.


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