October 2013

Host an Anime CON at Your Library

If you know teens, you know they are into anime. There are numerous ways to utilize the teen’s love of anime into library programming: host an anime club, participate in Free Comic Book Day, art contests, and more. But what if you want to go even bigger? How about putting on a library anime CON (convention)?

2013 Teens’ Top Ten titles Announced

The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), a division of the American Library Association (ALA) has announced the official 2013 Teens’ Top Ten titles.

Voting for the 2013 Teens’ Top Ten took place from August 15 through Teen Read Week, October 13–19, with more than 32,000 votes cast. This year, there were twenty-eight nominees that competed for the “top ten” list. The official 2013 Teens’ Top Ten titles can be found below and are also featured in a video announcement at the Teens’ Top Ten website.

New for October at EDSITEment

This month, EDSITEment provides a Common Core examplar with In the Time of Butterflies; explores Galileo’s universe; discusses the how the New and Old Worlds collided in America; traces the growing crisis in the Union in Antebellum America; and takes a look at a Halloween classic.

Fun Math Programs for Kids

Bedtime Math is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids learn to love math so they can become capable adults. Dedicated to “math and mischief,” Bedtime Math offers families a playful math problem every day, on everything from ninjas to flamingos. These free problems are posted on the Bedtime Math website, on the app (both iPhone and Android), and in a daily email.

New NASA Space Science Program Training Opportunity!

Discover how robotic explorers continue to advance our understanding of the Red Planet! The experience is free. Registration is limited to forty participants. Participants are responsible for travel, housing, meal costs, and all logistical arrangements. A stipend of up to $,1200 is available for thirty participants. Activities will take place at the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida.

During the experience you will:

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