Grant Helps Libraries Revitalize Public Spaces

Up to 20 libraries will receive $5,000 in materials, as well as design consultation, event planning and material selection advice, to create or revitalize a community gathering space.

Rural Roots: Zen and the Art of Having an Art Wall (Part 1)

In the first installment of "Rural Roots," a blog about rural librarianship and its challenges, library director Larry Grieco shares how a couple carpet-covered walls brought new energy to Gilpin County Public Library.

Host an Anime CON at Your Library

If you know teens, you know they are into anime. There are numerous ways to utilize the teen’s love of anime into library programming: host an anime club, participate in Free Comic Book Day, art contests, and more. But what if you want to go even bigger? How about putting on a library anime CON (convention)?

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