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Tactile Tactics for Learning History

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Boy carrying water with a yoke

When we hear the words "kinesthetic" or "physical" linked with literacy, we often think of sports, gym class, dance, yoga and other gross-motor-type programs. What we often overlook is how we are already incorporating much physical literacy in our library programs by adding tactile, hands-on activities to storytimes or events. And this is awesome — not only are we appealing to tactile learners (those than learn best by doing, not just seeing or hearing) but we are enhacing everyone's literacy skills, even the parents!

Earth Day & Beyond

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Earth Day may have already passed, but there are so many ways to celebrate and show respect for our planet throughout the year. Check out Billion of Acts of Green, a worldwide enviromental movement that is helping to protect the Earth for future generations. Their site has a ton of great resources and ideas to help you take action all year long, like using a sustainable mode of transportation for your commute to work. 

Express Yourself, It's Poetry Month!

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April is one of the most interesting months of the year for me because it’s National Poetry Month. Poetry Month was thought up back in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets. Twenty years later, the month has many supporters; there are now countries all over the world that celebrate the month of April and honor their favorite poets. Poetry Month is a wonderful way to raise awareness about the value of poetry, to pay tribute to all the amazing poets, past and present, and to entice our future poets as well. 

Collaborating with Galleries: A Blessed Match

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One of my first planning meetings as the new outreach and communications librarian for the William H. Hannon Library was with the director and curator of the Laband Art Gallery, an on-campus exhibition space in the College of Fine Arts at Loyola Marymount University. Over the past few years, the Hannon Library and the Laband Gallery have developed a synergistic relationship built on shared vision and trust, a relationship that has increased the impact we could achieve as single institutions.

Four Academic Libraries that Do Poetry Month Right

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students singing in a poetry month performance

Each year, the Academy of American Poets promotes National Poetry Month in April to highlight the achievements of American poets and encourage the appreciation and reading of poetry. Academic libraries have some great programming opportunities to join in on the celebration. Here are some examples of programming from four diverse academic libraries.

'Street Cred' Librarianship: An Interview on Forging Community Partnerships

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Sonya Durney

What does it take to host community-centric programs that are also well-attended? Sonya Durney is a librarian at Portland Public Library (PPL) in Portland, Maine. As the library’s business and government team leader, she plans programs covering entrepreneurship, politics, finance and career resources.


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