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Yoga in the Library

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Woman holds a book while balancing in dancer pose at the Fredericton Public Library

Welcome to the first post about kinesthetic library programming! I have been teaching yoga in school and public libraries since 2008. This is a great post to read if you are thinking about doing yoga programs at your own library. You probably have a lot of questions, so let’s get started. 

Woman holds a book while balancing in dancer pose at the Fredericton Public Library

So what, exactly, is yoga? 

Why Program?

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Chalkboard: "What's Your Story?"

Asian Pacific Heritage Month is coming up, and it always reminds me of why I started doing adult programming.  It also makes me wonder, why do we program? The collective "we" I'm talking about are the "we" reading and writing for this blog, not the organizations we all work for. Oh, I can wax poetically about community engagement, raising the profile of the Library, and reaching non-users, which are all valid reasons. Organizations have lofty goals, which involve flights of fancy and destinations you won’t necessarily find on Google maps.

Movies, Musicals and Madness: Spring Teen Programming Ideas

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I have always loved planning programs. Before I was a librarian I was an event planner, and I spent my time planning events for socioeconomically challenged groups in the Bay Area. Now I spend my time planning programs and events for teens at my library and helping my fellow colleagues come up with innovative ideas for teen programs.

Going Outside the Stacks: Library Partnerships for Community Festivals

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Tents and patrons at the Literary Arts Festival
I don’t know about your community, but my small Florida town loves outdoor festivals. We have celebrations for everything: Bikefest, Corn Fest, Arts Fest, Craft Beer & Food Fest, etc. Being located on Main Street in the heart of downtown, my library is often filled with festival-goers using our restrooms and enjoying our air conditioning and water fountains. The library does book displays that fit the themes of whatever events are going on within the community. Chili Cook Off? Jazz Festival? Easter Egg Hunt? We have a book for that.


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