Civic Discussions

The Center for Civic Reflection has an excellent collection of online resources, including a how-to guide for the entire process; a searchable database with several hundred suggested readings for civic reflection; and a forum for facilitators to learn from each other.

Other models for atopical discussion programs include the Kettering Foundation’s National Issues Forum and Brown University’s Choices for the 21st Century. Both of these are aimed more at classroom use, but have often been adapted by libraries.

Reading Group Choices

Reading Group Choices is an independent source for discussible books, with suggested discussion topics for reading groups; the company distributes an annual guide to libraries, reading groups, book stores, community book festivals, and individuals.

Book Group Buzz

Offering “Book group tips, reading lists & lively talk of literary news from the experts at Booklist Online,” this blog offers a wealth of book club information, including reading guides, 25 Ways for Libraries to Support Book Groups, and other book group tips.

Individual Title Discussion Guides

Discussion guides for individual titles developed by ALA’s Public Programs Office, arranged in alphabetical order by title and separated by type—fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and short stories.




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