Two Good Questions

Today the ALA Public Programs Office received not one, but two good questions in its mailbox, both from public librarians, the first in North Dakota and the second in Texas:

  1. I am looking for grant funding information to start a film discussion program at our library. I am looking for seed money and continuing funding to make such a program possible for our library. Would you know what foundations would be applicable to my request? I would appreciate any information that you could give.

  2. As the head of my library system’s Public Information and Marketing Department, I am being given the opportunity to hire a programming librarian for our system. This will be a new position, so we have no corresponding job description on which to model ours. Is this something on which your office can give us advice?

Of course, we encouraged the first writer to check out our available grants list, which just happened to have a new grant from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. But what do you think? Any resources you can share?

And how about tips for the programming librarian job listing. If you were hiring a librarian strictly for programming in your library, what would you be looking for? Or, from an applicant’s point of view, what would you want in a programming job?

To encourage discussion, we’ve opened the comments to everyone, not just registered users. So please feel free to contribute!