Thank You to Our Contributors!

The year is nearly over, but I couldn’t let it pass without taking the opportunity to thank all of the people who contributed such wonderful features to Programming Librarian in 2011:

I also must thank our blog contributors, who rescued you, dear reader, from having to read blog posts written only by me twice a week: Nancy Alima Ali, John Amundsen, Angela Thullen Baker, Catherine Bayles, Michael Cherry, Christopher Czajka, Jennifer Dominiak, Jeana Elizondo, Christina Endres, Tracy Englert, Jennifer Habley, Scott Hairston, Larry Halverson, Daniela Hudson, Barbara Jones, Jillian Kalonick, Carole Kiehl, Stephanie Kuenn, Keliann LaConte, Andrea Lapsley, Cheryl Malden, Amy Schlumpf Manion, Elizabeth Markel, Marsha McDevitt-Stredney, Megan McFarlane, Libby McInerny, Gay Mohrbacher, Lauren Mueller, Shelley NiTuama, Susan Opasik, Jennifer Peterson, Dan Rude, Amy Sargent, Daniella Scalice, Stephanie Shipp, Charles Wilt, and Steve Zalusky.

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