Featured Library: Juliette Hampton Morgan Memorial Library

The Juliette Hampton Morgan Memorial Library, the main branch of the Montgomery (AL) City-County Public Library, is this month’s featured library for their program Daughters and Dads Saturday—D.A.D.S. The program is the brainchild of library patron and dad Ron Simmons, who came up with the idea from bringing his own daughter to the library. The director of the Children’s Center at the library, Fredriatta Brown-Greene, helped make the concept into a program—choosing the books to be read each week, readers, and crafts to accompany the stories.

The growing program, which began in July, is held on the second Saturday of each month, and is focused on building companionship between fathers and daughters through reading, games, and other activities, such as singing and crafts. One book or story is read aloud to the group by the “Dad of the Day,” the man who, in addition to reading for all of the program participants, also acts as a “temporary” dad to any of the girls who come to the program without their own father. He gives additional attention to each of these girls, and reads with each of them individually.

In the past “Dads of the Day” were fathers who already attend the Saturday event with their daughters, but the organizers are now seeking guest readers, such as city officials, as well. One recent and notable reader was Kevin Murphy, the Montgomery Chief of Police, who was approached by one of the organizers of the event to act as the “Dad of the Day.” He read Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake, and said he enjoyed participating—a sentiment shared by dads and daughters alike.