Engage! at Harold Washington, YouMedia

Librarians: Marcus Lumpkin, Taylor Bayless, Erica Neal

In addition to the five discussion meetings, students were treated to a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago. The visit served as an excellent springboard into conversations about art and was an appropriate introduction to the Engage! program. The experience was photographed and videoed by students. The total attendance for all of the meetings was twenty-two students. The program culminated in a final project of the students’ choosing.

Tangible Opportunities to Engage! with Ideas or Materials

Each Engage session involved a series of reflection activities and prompted expository conversations that centered on various American art pieces. The teens were required to document each session. This documentation included capturing moments of inspiration, steps in the participant’s creation process or group experience to be used to encourage reflection amongst the teens. The teens were responsible for their documentation of the projects. Some teens recorded footage of the museum visit and others created photo reviews of previous sessions for absent teens.

During the Final set of Engage sessions teens worked on larger art projects that were influenced by the images and experiences during the Engage sessions. The projects completed during the end of the Engage were smaller scale and more concentrated projects that drew from discussion and experiments that were done during the sessions.