Cast Your Vote for Programming at ALA’s Annual Conference

Want to see more programming-related learning opportunities offered at the 2013 ALA Annual Conference? Here’s your chance to make your voice heard! The Public and Cultural Programs Advisory (PCPAC) Committee has submitted proposals for an Ignite Session and a Conversation Starter to be held in Chicago:

  • Ignite Sessions are five-minute presentations accompanied by twenty slides that advance automatically every fifteen seconds. 20 Questions: Civic Engagement Programming Edition plays 20 Questions with librarians who have organized civic engagement events and programs in their library, and they share all the dirt! Vote for this session, and come be thrilled, chilled, amazed, and crazed by the answers to your burning questions about organizing a civic engagement event or program in your library.

  • Conversation Starters talks are fast-paced, forty-five-minute sessions intended to jumpstart conversations and highlight emerging topics and trends. The Programming Librarian’s Idea Hopper invites librarians who create programming of all types to swap their greatest success stories, unload their ongoing headaches, and exchange practical tips. Cast your vote to take part in a guided discussion that will bring perspectives from across libraryland: public, academic, special, big, small—all will be represented! Discussion will be spurred by your ideas and questions as well as an idea hopper chock full of interesting programming topics and challenges.

Voting is open through March 31 on ALA Connect. The public votes will be weighted for 30 percent of the selection process; staff votes will account for another 30 percent, while the remaining 40 percent will be decided by an advisory group of ALA members.