Featured Library: Peters Township Public Library

Boy Scout Troop 4, sponsored by St. Louise de Marrilac Parish, under the direction of Scoutmaster Tom O'Brien, at the National Security Challenges in 2013 and Beyond panel discussion at Peters Township Public Library.

This month we’re highlighting Peters Township (Pa.) Public Library for its National Security Challenges in 2013 and Beyond panel discussion to be held on February 12. Offered in partnership with the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, this U.S. Army War College Eisenhower Series College Program will include panelists Colonel Robert Humphrey, U.S. Army Reserve; Lieutenant Colonel Riccoh Player, U.S. Marine Corps; and Lieutenant Colonel Douglas G. Vincent, U.S. Army. Additional support for this program is being provided by McMurray Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 764.

With increasing green-on-blue attacks in Afghanistan, conflict continuing in Syria and Gaza, island disputes in Asia, and increasing cyberthreats, the Obama administration will have to contend with and prioritize a wide-ranging set of national security issues over the next four years. This panel will discuss how the United States can strengthen existing alliances and forge new partnerships in an effort to remain secure as well as how we can balance national security priorities with the domestic agenda amidst a recovering economy.

The Eisenhower Series College Program encourages dialogue on national security and other public policy issues between students of the Army’s senior educational institution and the public throughout the United States. Team members participate in constructive, candid exchanges on current national security and military issues. They address current government policies, but they are not bound to champion those policies. They often prefer to share personal views based on their own experience, research, and reflection.