Featured Library: New York Public Library

January is Financial Awareness Month, so what better time to highlight the New York Public Library’s (NYPL) financial literacy programs for all types of audiences, including entrepreneurs, college students, those looking into mutual funds, children, those looking for tax tips, home buyers, and retirees. Some of NYPL’s Money Matters programs include:

  • Business Start-up Resources and Services: Entrepreneurs will have access to a variety of resources for business planning, market research, expanding, research, and assistance.
  • Tax Talks: H&R Block will be hosting information on why it is important to file taxes, necessary forms, and much more. With tax season approaching, it is a good idea to get started early!
  • Home Buyer Workshop: Participants will receive information on budgeting, using credit, obtaining a mortgage, shopping for a home, the appraisal and inspection process, the mortgage closing, and life as a homeowner. Those that participate in this workshop may qualify for federal, state, or local government or private mortgage programs.
  • Investment Choices: What Is Right for Me?: This program is designed to help future investors focus on their goals, recognize potential risks and rewards of different investments, teach basic information about different asset types, and help match individual goals to investment choices.
  • Planning for Retirement and College: Participants will learn a variety of tax-advantaged accounts that individuals can set up to help them acquire the nest egg necessary for retirement and college-bound children.
  • Raising Financially Responsible Children: This seminar will discuss the importance of raising financially responsible children. Tips and ways to teach children about money will be emphasized. Attendees will discover age-appropriate ways to help children earn and appreciate their allowance, develop good saving and investing habits, know the difference between wants and needs, become disciplined shoppers, and more.
  • Financial Empowerment Day: There will be a variety of classes focused on mortgages, investments, the financial future of your parents, starting your own business, retirement planning, social security, and more. Certified financial planners will also be available for private sessions. In addition, resources to assist with personal finances will be demonstrated by staff. There will also be financial information from organizations such as the Securities & Exchange Commission, the Social Security Administration, SCORE, and the Better Business Bureau.

These programs and others are of NYPL’s Financial Literacy Central at the Science, Industry, and Business Library (SIBL). Patrons can also set up free appointments with financial advisers, receive free credit crisis coaching, get help with filing their taxes, and access financial databases.

The library is also offering the New York StartUP! 2012 Business Plan Competition for New York–based startup entrepreneurs, with cash prizes totaling more than $30,000. The third annual New York StartUp! gives aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain practical insights about starting and growing a business while learning about the comprehensive small business resources at SIBL.