Patrons Get Sew Excited at Denver Public Library Branches

A shirt repurposed as an apron at Denver Public Library.

With limited budget dollars all around, Denver (Colo.) Public Library’s Fresh City Life My Branch adult programming tries to get the most out of what we have, whether partnering with local organizations or utilizing the talents of our own staff. We also try to look ahead and invest in equipment that can be used for years to come. While button makers have been popular, we were all very excited about the idea of getting our own sewing machines.

Basic sewing machines cost about $100, and we started by purchasing four of them. This allowed us to schedule more intermediate crafts as well as conduct some basic and intermediate sewing classes. In today’s economy, more and more people are wanting to do things themselves, repair the items they already have, and repurpose old things. We help with all of that! It also makes it easier to work with outside vendors when we tell them that they just need to show up and teach, and not have to worry about equipment.

Our sewing classes have included:

  • Upcycling Men’s Shirts
  • Restyling Children’s Clothes
  • Beginning & Intermediate Sewing
  • Alterations & Repairs
  • T-Shirt Embellishment
  • Pillow Cases
  • Cloth Gift Bags
  • Winter Stockings

Starting later this spring, we’ll be offering a Sewing Lounge, where we’ll set up our seven sewing machines for folks to bring in their own projects and get to work. Whether people want to make things but can’t afford a machine, or they need a place to do their sewing away from their kids, the library will be there for them!

Fresh City Life My Branch programming is hosted at the Bear Valley, Ross-Broadway, Ross-Cherry Creek, Ross-University Hills, Schlessman Family, Sam Gary, and Smiley library branches.