Attend a Free Webinar on 2012: The Science of the Maya Apocalypse

Calendar in the Sky is a NASA-funded project led by UC Berkeley to engage the American public, particularly Latino audiences, in NASA science (space exploration, astronomy, planetary and Earth sciences, etc.) via the broad interest in Maya culture. We are conducting a series of webinars for educators on NASA science and Maya astronomy. Following the webinars, attendees will be given access to private discussion boards on the Calendar in the Sky website, where they can discuss the webinar topics and exchange ideas and resources for educational programming with colleagues. The webinars will be recorded and archived on the website.

You are invited to join a free Calendar in the Sky webinar, 2012: The Science of the Maya Apocalypse, on Friday, June 29, 2012 at 11 am PT/noon MT/1 pm CT/2 pm ET. This is the first webinar in the series. A mistaken interpretation of the Long Count calendar used by the ancient Maya of Mesoamerica has led to a popular notion that they predicted the end of the world on December 21st, 2012. Doomsday enthusiasts have imagined a whole host of possible grand finales for the human race, many of which are natural disasters of cosmic origin. This talk will explore the science behind many of the doomsday scenarios as well as the actual nature of the Long Count calendar of the ancient Maya.

The webinar will last ninety minutes, with a sixty-minute presentation followed by a thirty-minute discussion period. It will be presented by Dr. Bryan Mendez, from UC Berkeley’s Space Sciences Laboratory. Please register for this online session. The information to join the webinar will be provided via email in the week prior to the event.