Martin County Library System Teens Hungry for Hunger Games

The Martin County (Fla.) Library System prepares for the Hunger Games.

Signups were brisk for “Let the Games Begin!,” the March 3 program organized by Martin County (Fla.) Library System. Of the forty-eight teens ranging in age from ten to eighteen who registered (the maximum allowed), forty-six attended in preparation for the much anticipated release of The Hunger Games movie. Wearing costumes depicting the movie’s characters, teens entering the John F. Armstrong Wing of the Blake Library in Stuart were given a bag containing a slip of scrap paper, name tag, raffle ticket, sticker, bookmark, and pencil. The scrap paper in half of the bags was orange and in the other half green. A number from 1–12 denoting the attendee’s district number was written on each slip.

The teens were directed to tables set up in the front of the room to view a short PowerPoint containing instructions from Forever Young Adult on how to create their own Hunger Games name. Using their scrap paper, participants wrote the result on their name tag along with the district number they’d been assigned. The presentation concluded with the movie trailer.

At this time the teens split into two group—orange and green—and stood on opposite sides of the room to begin the cornucopia challenge, designed by the Bethany Media Center in Bethany, Connecticut (instructions are on their website). The two teams relay-raced to the center of the room where different items had been placed. After all items were chosen they returned to their seats and staff read off scenarios prepared by the Bethany media center. The winning team was declared and each team member got another raffle ticket.

After the cornucopia challenge the teens were free to roam around the room to various stations staff had set up: a trivia booth, knot-tying station, foam archery and slingshot target practice, and an edible plant table. Food included goat cheese on bread, drinks, chips, and cake.

At different points during the event staff would choose a district number and announce its death. The teens with that number received a raffle ticket. Teens in the last remaining district received tickets for the movie. At the end of the event the teens returned to their seats and raffle tickets were drawn. Prizes were the Hunger Games Cookbook, the Movie Companion Book, the Hunger Games Strategy Game, and a boxed set of the trilogy.

To view a slide show and video, visit the Martin County Library System on Flickr. For more information, visit the Martin County Library System website or call (772) 221-1403.