Please Check Your Hand Picks and Brushes at the Door

You’ve probably used “archaeology” as a search term more often than as part of your library’s programming. It’s probably true, however, that your town hasn’t recently discovered a two-story log cabin from the early 1800s hidden beneath the façade of a dilapidated building.

The hand-hewn logs of the Vann Cabin in downtown Cave Spring, Georgia, were revealed in 2010 when siding fell from the Green Hotel, confirming longstanding community lore that the historic structure was sheathed by the hotel building. The cabin is believed to have been built by Cherokee Indians and has since been dubbed a certified site on the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail.

The Cave Spring Public Library teamed up with the Cave Spring Historical Society to host an official archeological dig at the Vann Cabin site. Community members were invited to bring sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen and participate in workshops led by archeologist Pat Garrow before helping him unearth artifacts at a previously untouched portion of the cabin site. The workshops are being held this week for adults and children alike—fitting particularly well with the library’s “Dig into Reading” children’s summer reading program.