Program Format

Suggested program format:

I. Welcome and Introductions (5–10 minutes)
Project director welcomes participants and introduces self, scholar. Thank participants, library, funders, and partners. Go over format and let people know what to expect. Provide any necessary information regarding program materials, schedule for rest of series. Lead applause for scholar.

II. Scholarly Presentation (20–25 minutes)
Scholar’s presentation on the week’s reading, author background, the reading in context of the theme and essay, salient points made by the reading, and other relevant matters.

III. Discussion (45–60 minutes)
If the group exceeds thirty to thirty-five people, it may be necessary to break into small groups. In this case, the project director should recruit discussion leaders to facilitate small group discussion while the scholar floats between the small groups. After the discussion period, the small groups may reconvene for closing remarks.

IV. Wrap Up (10–20 minutes)
Scholar provides closing comments. Project director thanks the participants and scholar, distributes and collects evaluations, gives instructions for next session, and makes other announcements.