Fun Math Programs for Kids

Bedtime Math is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids learn to love math so they can become capable adults. Dedicated to “math and mischief,” Bedtime Math offers families a playful math problem every day, on everything from ninjas to flamingos. These free problems are posted on the Bedtime Math website, on the app (both iPhone and Android), and in a daily email.

This spring, Bedtime Math will be launching a new, hands-on math program for libraries called Crazy 8s, a high-energy math club designed to get kids fired up about math. Crazy 8s will feature one-of-a-kind activities like Glow in the Dark Geometry, Bouncy Dice Explosion, and Toilet Paper Olympics in a “club” format available for three grade levels—preschool, K–2 and 3–5. Older kids meet for an hour once a week for eight weeks; preschoolers meet for a half hour once a week for four weeks. Crazy 8s is inexpensive and easy to run. Most materials will be provided free of charge, and a super-simple script will be provided so anyone can coach—no math experience required!

The Crazy 8s program is being piloted this winter in a few select locations around the country. A few additional locations are still needed for the program pilot. Contact us to find out more about pioneering Crazy 8s in your library this winter.