The Public Programs Office of the American Library Association (ALA) promotes cultural programming as an essential part of library service, supporting libraries as places of cultural and civic engagement, where people gather for reflection, discovery, participation, and growth.

During the 2012 fiscal year, the activities of the ALA Public Programs Office demonstrated an ongoing commitment to libraries, just as libraries continue to support their communities through enhanced access to literature, music, contemporary issues, art, history, math and science, poetry, and more.

The traveling exhibition Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War at Greenville County (S.C.) Library System. Children visit the traveling exhibition In a Nutshell: The Worlds of Maurice Sendak at the Louisville (Ky.) Free Public Library. Gail Tsiukiyama reads at the LIVE! @ your library Stage at the 2012 ALA Annual Conference A child visits Pride and Passion: The African American Baseball Experience at the Milwaukee Public Library.