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Collaboration @ Your School Library

As a middle school librarian, I am responsible for many tasks: managing a small library, teaching information skills, promoting reading, and collaborating on instruction with classroom teachers. One duty that does not seem required, though, is providing stimulating programming for students. Sure, my school appreciates when I moderate book clubs or host an author visit, but if I did not offer these events, I’m not sure anyone would complain. In speaking with my peers, I found there is often little programming expectations for school librarians.

New for June at EDSITEment

As you can see from our home page, EDSITEment has a number of cool offerings to engage teachers and students as school wraps up and summer weather beckons…

New for May at EDSITEment

This month, EDSITEment celebrates Asian-Pacific Heritage Month by highlighting the life of Manjiro Nakahama (also known as John Mung), the first immigrant of Japanese descent to the United States. Manjiro and his fellow crewmembers were stranded on an island after a storm cast them adrift. Five months later they were rescued by an American whaling ship, whose captain was so impressed by Manjiro’s intelligence that he adopted the castaway.

New for March at EDSITEment

This month, EDSITEment puts the spotlight on Women’s History Month, which provides an ideal opportunity for students to learn about and connect to the lives, struggles, and achievements of women who came before in order to better understand our world today.

New for November at EDSITEment

November is Native American Heritage Month, and EDSITEment is celebrating by featuring the recent five-part PBS series We Shall Remain, which was partially funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). This series spans four centuries and shows Native American history as part of the national experience from the Mayflower to the Wounded Knee occupation of 1973.

Featured Library: Milner Library, Illinois State University

Milner Library at Illinois State University (ISU) in Normal just finished hosting the “John Adams Unbound” traveling exhibition, which focuses on Adams’ 3,500-volume personal library that his family donated in 1894 to the Boston Public Library. The exhibit takes visitors on a journey through Adams’ life from 1735 to 1826 as a student, lawyer, revolutionary, diplomat and as America’s second president from 1797 to 1801.


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