Let the Day of Games Begin!

American Library Association’s International Games Day on November 3, 2012, is a great way to entice people into the library for a day of fun and learning. Many library collections not only house electronic resources and e-books, but have now begun collecting games. This event is a great way to showcase this collection along with any related collections.

Past participants have noted how this event is the perfect way to draw together people at the library. Roles are reversed, with adults learning from the kids on the best way to succeed in a video game. Kids also sit down to play board games and challenge the adults. Everyone has a good time together, which provides the library an opportunity to expose them to everything the library has to offer.

This year International Games Day, with the help of the Ann Arbor District Library, is hosting a contest between participating libraries for supremacy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart, playing a game of Gossip that circles the world, and offering access to Gametable Online. Ravensburger Games has also donated 1,000 copies of the board game Labyrinth.

Registration is now open for this event. The first 1,000 libraries will receive a copy of the board game Labyrinth along with a $5 coupon for Raveburger’s online shop. Now is the time to register and begin shaping a new tradition at your library.