Share Your Stories of Triumph (or Tragedy)

We still have more than three months left in 2013, but here at Programming Librarian we’re already thinking about 2014. Specifically, we’re thinking that we want to hear your stories, whether in writing as a feature article, or “in person” through a webinar. We know you have tales to tell about events that went incredibly well (and how you made them happen), or programs that went so, so wrong (and what you learned for next time). Form a unique partnership, or come up with an out-of-this-world marketing plan? We want to hear about it.

We invite you to share your stories by filling out our super-simple proposal form. We welcome contributions on any topic that relates to planning, presenting, and evaluating arts and humanities programs in academic, school, public, and special libraries of all sizes.

Need help getting started? Consider the following:

  • Context—Identify your library and community and describe your situation: what the community is like, size, characteristics of service area, budget conditions, ethnic diversity, local issues, history, and so on, as relevant to the article topic.
  • Program examples with detail—The more detail the better; the idea is to give readers a clear picture about what you did and how they can use/adapt it for their libraries.
  • Impacts and outcomes—Explain how the strategies, programs, practices being written about have impacted the library, community, system, staff, and so on.
  • Challenges—Readers want to hear about challenges you faced and how they were addressed.

We’re happy to help you develop your topic and provide feedback. We’ll be collecting ideas through October 11, and can’t wait to hear from you!

P.S. Have a great but short story you’d like to share? Write a blog post! Contact us directly with questions or ideas.